Provisional Membership

For those who fill out a Membership Application and are approved by the Board of Directors, the process of provisional membership begins.

As a Provisional Member, you are encouraged to continue to attend all Carmel Rotary Club functions and events and you will be added to the Club’s mailing list. In order to become a “full” member of The Rotary Club of Carmel, there are a few steps that you must complete during your first 3-6 months of Provisional Membership (see the Provisional Member Checklist). They are as follows:

  • Pay your billed dues
  • Attend at least one club sponsored social event
  • Attend a Carmel Rotary Club Board Meeting
  • Select at least one committee or project that you will serve in during your first twelve months of membership
  • Attend a committee meeting, or club-related community event
  • Serve as a Greeter at our weekly meetings
  • Attend a meeting of another Rotary Club
  • Attend new member orientation

Upon completion of the requirements described above you will be inducted into the Club as an active member with all rights and privileges. The purpose of the Provisional Membership process is the fully assimilate you into the Club as an accepted and productive member.

Please direct any questions to your sponsor or feel free to contact the Membership Chair David Hollander at any time with any questions or concerns.   


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