Opportunities to Learn About Business (OLAB)



Carmel Rotary is a proud sponsor of "Opportunities to Learn About Business" at Wabash College each summer for high school students entering their senior year.

OLAB is a one-week hands-on introduction to business and the market economy for young women and men entering their senior year in high school. Considered one of the premier summer programs in Indiana, OLAB teaches students that business can be fun, creative, challenging, and rewarding.

The highlight of the week is "The Game." In addition to lectures by business leaders and Wabash faculty, students work in teams running a mock business. There is also time for recreation, as well as social activities in the evenings. To see a sample daily schedule, view the "At a glance" page.

Students do not have to be planning a career in business to attend. What is required is a desire to learn how business and the market economy affects our daily lives. Many OLAB graduates are now doctors, lawyers, and teachers, as well as business professionals.


OLAB costs absolutely nothing for students to attend. Since its inception, the program has been funded entirely through the generous financial support of program sponsors who pay the tuition for each

For more information: www.wabash.edu/olab/


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